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Peru Decaf
Jimmie Matheny
Awesomeness in every cup 🥤

Hands down the best flavorful decaf coffee I have ever had and I an 67 years old. You won't be disappointed trust me! Thank you for doing what you do. ❤️

Cowboy Blend
Helen Goins
Helen Goins

Great coffee!!

Cowboy Blend
Andy Cavalier

Smooth tasting coffee
Will definitely order again.

Peru Decaf
Glenna Matheny
Peru-Decaf coffee

The shipping time on this order was excellant. We received our order within a couple days is ordering. Then we tried our new coffee beans . Put them in the grinder and it smelled so good! Poured our first cup and the taste was really smooth. No aftertaste. We tasted our coffee with nothing added to get the real taste and all we can say was this coffee was the BOMB!!!..EXCELLANT FLAVOR!!
We will be purchasing more in the future!

Hands down the best coffee - Cowboy Blend

I have been drinking Community brand coffee since I was 11 years old (I am 67). I have not found anything I have liked more than Community (and I have tried many coffees) until now. The Cowboy coffee has a similar blend as Community coffee, but is just so superior in body, freshness and flavor that it blows away every coffee I have ever tried. It is a bit expensive so I will be buying it only on occasion and drink it as if I were drinking a very fine wine, slowly and savoring every sip as long as I can.

Thumbs Up

Great taste and rich flavor. The K-cup performed perfectly. I would order again


Very good coffee!! I will order it again!!!


I really liked this coffee, great flavor.

House blend

Nice light blend a great way to start your morning

Best sellers sample pack

A great way to try the different kinds of coffees from Straight Shooter. We are about halfway through and keeping track by writing ratings and comments on each label. When we get done we’ll know which coffees to order for which occasions. Straight Shooter helps support veterans and gives us a great cup of coffee too.

Cowboy Blend
Joseph Sweet

Good coffee

No Mercy Mug
Joseph Sweet
One of my favorites

I like it

Cowboy 🤠 awesome

Great coffee ☕. Looking forward to trying other blends.

Breakfast Blend K-Cup 12 PK

Great taste coffee. We love it

Katherine Swearingen
Hazelnut coffee

I am a new customer, found you on Gab through the Therapy Range channel. I love your coffee because it has a nice smooth flavor. I will be adding it to my favorites, and I will be buying more from you! Thanks!

Latin American Blend
Brian J Groves
Nice deep flavor.

I moved to this flavor because I love the deep richness of coffee from the Latin countries and this coffee is no exception.

Papua New Guinea
Albert Solbo
A terrific anytime coffee

This is a blend that I'm gonna include in my rotation of blends I buy from Straightshooter...I like the flavors it has to offer my taste buds. It's also a coffee that to ME..my personal opinion intensifies in taste if you add an extra scoop and another something (a tbs that is) I like to put in from time to time with my coffee called Chicory...for some it may be a bit stronger...but for me..the stronger the better and the flavors really pop..Another hit...Thank you Straightshooter...Love your product.

French Roast
Tim Dimmick
French roast

Like, the girlfriend likes it, we drink it on the weekends when we can enjoy it.

Italian Roast
Jessica Lawrence
A fantastic small batch coffee company!

Roasted to order, Straight Shooter Coffee is the freshest coffee I've ever had.

Highly recommended.

House Blend K Cups

These K Cups were excellent! Just an absolute great taste! Will be purchasing again for sure!

Cowboy Blend
Vogelvogel Vogel

I love the cowboy blend, thank you

African Kahawa Blend
Albert Solbo
Another Straight shooter bullseye

WOW...I've said it earlier that I'm trying ALL the Straight Shooter blends and I mean it...It's been a while but I'm back for this blend I just received yesterday... Whole bean which in my opinion is the best way to buy your coffee so you get the aroma punch that explodes once you start the grinding...I just brewed my first pot and MAN when I tell you just smelling it while it's brewing made my senses come alive..The only way I can explain this blend is when you put a fine wine to your nostrils and take in the aromas...you know that saying/theory...smell triggers memory?. This brought me back to when I was a kid in the fall and my Aunt and Uncle would come visit my Mom and I'd be outside playing in a pile of raked leaves... You CAN smell some of the said notes of the green apple..cherry and floral...the others are in the tasting...again I tried it the same way I tried all the others and I can honestly say that this yet another hit..Try it...if you think I'm wrong write a review with your own thoughts...but I think most will agree.. Thanks for reading this...Straight Shooter is the Clint Eastwood and Uncle Ted of coffee.. Straight shot to your taste buds while Rockin you awake...How else would YOU describe a GREAT coffee?

Dog Bandana
Roxane Meier
Great Bandana - Thank you!

Love the coffee, the merchandise, and this bandana is perfect for Dublin! Thank you!

Coffee Plus

Can't stop drinking your coffee glad we found it !