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Straight Shooter Coffee Coffee is a veteran-owned; Texas-based company specializing in fresh roasted gourmet coffee from the most environmentally conscious growers around the world. And a roasting team dedicated to the fine art of perfection in every bean. All products in our store are roasted or completed and shipped from the USA and we will have it no other way. American jobs and traditional values are our cornerstones in business.

We spend our early years traveling and living all over the world in the airline business and learned many things that make the coffee experience more than just a "wake me up" beverage. We learned there are a wide variety of beans and many ways of preparation, as well as, many ways to serve coffee, and everyone has a favorite. Most people who truly love coffee enjoy trying new brands and new drink recipes. The most important thing we learned is that FRESHNESS counts. The usual store-bought coffee is NOT FRESH. It has been roasted, packaged, warehoused, and transported to storerooms to sit for long periods of time. This could be from months to over a year in some cases since roasting.

At Straight Shooter Coffee, we guarantee freshness by not roasting until you place your order and shipping it the same day. It is literally only 2 to 3 days out of the roaster when it arrives at your door. You will smell and taste the difference. We promise

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Wake Up With The World's Smoothest Coffee.

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Free Tracked Delivery

Each batch is artfully roasted to explore and accentuate flavors unique to each region.

30-Days Guarantee

Always fresh delivered directly to your door.

Ships Worldwide

We source from ethically sustainable farms of single origins around the world.

Results Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction, and will refund if you're unhappy (but you won't be)